Changanacherry is a municipality in Kottayam district in the state of Kerala, India. Changanassery is located 18 ks court.m south of Kottayam on the Main Central road. With a population of about 50,000, its population was already 36,000 as early as the 1951 census. The town is situated near the tripoint of Kottayam, Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts.

The first recorded history on the origin of Changanacherry is obtained from the Sangam period literature. According to Sangam era documents, Uthiyan Keralathan is the first recorded Kera (Chera) dynasty ruler of the Sangam period in ancient South India. He had his capital at a place called “Kuzhumur” in Kuttanad and expanded the kingdom northward and eastward from his original homeland. His lifetime is broadly determined to be between first and third century AD. His queen was Veliyan Nalini, the daughter of Veliyan Venman. Present day Changanacherry and Kuttanad was the capital of the Kera (Chera) dynasty at that time until it was burnt down by Karikala Chola changing the name of Kuzhumur to Chutta-nadu (burnt-land) which became kuttanad. Similarly, “Keralathan” is the Malayalam pronunciation of Tamil “Cheralathan” and the world “Keralam” may be a derivative version of “Chera-izham” or “Kera-illam” meaning Chera-homeland in tamil). Keralathan’s descendant was Senguttavan Cheran (Chenguttavan means “brave-hearted” in malayalam) the towns of Chenganacherri and Chengana is named after him). Sengana-cherri means Sengan’s town in old tamil. After the chera dynasty defeat the word cherri took on the concurrent meaning of the land of the defeated and eventually was equated to mean a slum in Chola kingdom.

District: Kottayam

STD Code: 0481

Pincode: 686101

Changanacherry Shops

Advertising Agency
adsign design studio Changanassery

Animal Hospital
Government Veterinary Hospital Changanassery

Apartment Complex
Art Nouveau Changanassery
Sowparnika Cannary Changanassery

Apostolic Church
The Pentacostal Mission, Changanassery, Kottayam

Appliance Store
Rose Novelty Changanassery

Asian Grocery Store
JPEES Marginfree Mart Changanassery

Association or Organization
Changanassery Taluk Government Employees Co-operative Society Changanassery

Canara Bank Atm Changanassery
State Bank of India ATM Changanassery
SBT ATM Changanassery
Union Bank Changanassery
Punjab National Bank ATM Changanassery
State Bank ATM Changanassery
Federal Bank ATM Changanassery
Dhanlaxmi Bank ATM Changanassery
Union Bank of India ATM Changanassery
State Bank of India ATM Perumthuruthy Road, Changanassery

Sacred Heart Auditorium Changanassery
Kristu Jyoti Group Auditorium Changanassery
Silver Palace Auditorium Changanassery
Shiny Auditorium Changanassery
Sivaganga Auditorium Changanassery
SNDP Reg NO. 59, Thrickodithanam Changanassery

Auto Accessories Store
Best Automobiles Changanassery

Auto Electrical Service
New Best Auto Electricals

Auto Parts Store
Swapna Auto Care Changanassery
Saj Automobiles Changanassery
Xpress Auto Spares & Accessories Changanassery

Automobile Air Conditioner Store
Pals Tekno Changanassery

Automobile Air Service Center

Baby Clothing Store
Your Little Shop Changanassery

Backpacker Hostel
N.S.S Women’s Hostel Changanassery
Malabaries Changanassery
NSS Velayudha Mandiram Changanassery
i9 Hostel Changanassery

Canara Bank Changanassery
ICICI Bank Changanacherry – Branch & ATM
South Indian Bank Changanassery
Cheeranchira Service Co-Operative Bank Changanacherry
Co – Operative Bank Changanassery
Aided Primary Teachers Co-Operative Bank Changanassery
Dhanachakra finance Changanaserry
Dhanachakra leasing & hire purchase Changanassery
Federal Bank Changanassery
Kotak Mahindra Bank Changanassery
Vazhappally Service Co-operative Bank Ltd No. K108 Changanassery
Vazhappally North Service Co-operative Bank Changanassery
State Bank of India Changanassery
SBT ATM Changanassery
Dhanlaxmi Bank Changanassery
Thrickodithanam Co-operative society bank Changanassery
Thrickodithanam Service Co operative Bank Changanassery
Catholic Syrian Bank & ATM Changanassery

Dcruz Changanassery
St Joseph Bakers Changanassery
Manamel Bakers Changanassery
St Alphonsa Bakers Changanassery
Oven Fresh Changanassery
Bhagya Bakery Changanassery
Punnacherry Bakers Changanassery

Bakery and Cake Shop
Mariya Bakers Changanassery
Bakery & Coolbar Changanassery
Frutea Bakery Changanassery
T C Bake House Changanassery
Star Bakery Changanassery
Arafa Bakery Changanassery
Joecees Bakers Changanassery
Bake House Changanassery
Karthika Bakery Jn. Changanassery
Akshaya Bakery Changanassery
Sweet World Changanassery

Ambadi Toddy Shop Changanassery

Basketball Court
S.H School Basketball Court Changanassery

Beauty Parlour
Calluna™ – Bridal Makeup Studio & Unisex Salon Changanacherry

Bedding Store
J & J Stores Changanassery

Bedroom Furniture Store
Neelathummukkil Furniture Mart Changanassery

Layikad Bridge Changanassery

Building Materials Store
Universal Alluminium Changanassery

Bus Station
Palathra Bus Stop Changanassery
Chethipuzha Bus Stop Changanassery
Munthirikavala Bus Stop Changanassery
Vakkachan Padi Bus Stop Changanassery
Kurishumood Bus Stop Changanassery
Fathimapuram Bus Stop Changanassery
Aramana Padi Bus Stop Changanassery
Udayagiri Junction Changanassery
Thrikkodithanan Bus Stop Changanassery
Puthenkavil Temple Bus Stop Changanassery
Kollapuram Bus Stop Changanassery
Nalukody Bus Stop Changanassery
Udayagiri Junction Changanassery

Bicycle Shop
Puthenparambil cycles Changanassery

Book Store
St Mary’s Book Depot Changanassery

Hotel Aanandhaas Changanassery
Fathima Bookstall Changanassery
Kalathil Book Centre Changanassery

Cake Shop
Cutie Pie Changanassery
St Joseph Bakers Changanassery
Manamel Bakers Changanassery
St Alphonsa Bakers Changanassery
Oven Fresh Changanassery
Bhagya Bakery Changanassery
Punnacherry Bakers Changanassery

Chandrettan’s Thattukada Changanassery
Sheetal Bakery Changanassery

Car Repair and Maintenance
Saafa Automobiles Changanassery

Car Service
Salim Automobiles Service Center Changanassery
Raja Mottors Changanassery

Catholic Church
St. Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral Changanassery
St Mary’s Church Parekadav Changanassery
St. Thomas Church, Paippad Changanassery

Catering Food and Drink Supplier
Catering Food and Drink Supplier

Cell Phone Store
Cherupushpam Watch House Changanassery
Phone Care Changanassery
Apple Mobile Accessory Changanassery
Crescent Communication Patels Mobile Changanassery
My Phone Changanassery
Mobile Lines Changanassery
The Mobile Store Changanassery

Chicken & Mutton Shop
Puthupparambil Chicken Centre Changanassery

Chicken Store
Vakkachan And Sons Changanassery
Chicken Stores Changanassery
St.George Chicken Stores Changanassery

Children’s Clothing Store
Mummy and Me Changanassery

Chit Fund
SREE GOKULAM Chit & Finance Co. P. Ltd. Changanassery
Win Castle Chits P Ltd Changanassery

St .Micheal’s Chapel (Angadipally) Changanassery

Vadakekara Church Changanassery
S H Parish Office Changanassery
Sacred Heart Monastery Church Changanassery
St. Mary’s Church Parel
Muthappan kurucheti church Changanassery
St. Sebastian’s Church, Mahendrapuram, Changanassery
Mar Chrysostom Church Changanassery
St. Paul’s C.S.I Church Changanassery
St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church Changanassery
St Joseph Church Manackachira Changanassery
St Xavier’s Forane Church Changanassery
St Thomas Church Changanassery
Christu Raja Church Changanassery
St. Antony’s Church Changanassery
Mary Mount Roman Catholic Church Changanassery
St Thomas Orthodox Church Changanassery
St Sebastians Church Kodinatumkunnu Changanassery

City Government Office
KSEB Office Changanassery

Clothing Accessories Store
Dasdesignstore Changanassery

Clothing Store
Kallus Collections Changanassery
Royal Clad Changanassery
Shapes Ladies & Kids Wear Changanassery
Fashion Point Changanassery
Cypress Churidar Shop Changanassery
Pink Bow Changanassery
Singhara Changanassery
CityTex Changanassery
Avani Fabrics Changanassery
Kool Girlz Changanassery
Urban Freex Changanassery
Mayoora Changanassery
Vani Garments Changanassery
New Novelty Textiles Changanassery
Centur Changanassery
Bombay Dyeing Changanassery
DNA Changanassery
Scullers Shop Changanassery
Modern Fashions Changanassery
Cinderella Fashions Changanassery
Evershine Stich & Alteration Centre Changanassery
Mangalath Fashions Changanassery
Glare Collections Changanassery
Mancherikalam Magic Threads Changanassery

Rotary Club

Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology Changanacherry
St. Thomas College of Nursing Changanassery
N. S. S. Training College, Changanacherry

Computer Hardware Store
Orkidd Systems Changanassery

Computer Software Store
IT Point Changanassery

Computer Store
Skyline Computers Changanassery
Apple Computers Changanassery

Community Center
NSS Taluk Union Office Changanassery

Corporate Finance Agency
Manappuram Finance Ltd Changanassery

Corporate Office
Craft COMICS Changanassery

Cosmetics Store
Beauty Spot Changanassery
Deepa Arts Club Changanassery

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court Changanassery

Department Store
Risingsun Stores Changanassery
Neethi Store Changanassery

Dairy Products Supplier
Milma Changanassery

Dairy Store
Thomas J.Vaniyapurackal & Sons Changanassery

Disposable Items shop
City Polymers Changanassery

Distance Learning Center
INTERTECH – Sikkim Manipal University Learning Center Changanassery

Dress Store
T.J. Fashions Changanassery

Dried Flower Shop
Thrickodithanam Changanassery

Driving School
Divine Driving School Changanassery

Duty Free Store
Kasthoori Changanassery

Educational Instituiion
NSS Medical Mission Hospital Changanassery
MES Taluk Office, Changanassery

Electrical Supply Store
Srampikal Sanitary & Electrical Changanassery
Peedikayil Electricals Changanassery
Popular Electricals Changanassery

Devan Electronics Changanassery

Electronics Store
Computer Service in Changanacherry
The Telephone Shop Changanassery
Sreenikethan Electricals Changanassery
Cell Shells Changanassery
Apple Store Changanassery
Malabariez hostel Changanassery
Brothers Electricals Changanassery
Vadakkanz Hostel Changanassery
THE LED STORE Changanassery
True Nectar Water Filter Company Perunna, Changanacherry

Electrical Substation
110 KV Sub Station Changanassery

Embroidery Service
Marian Changanassery

Emergency Services
Mercy Home Changanassery

Event Venue
St Marys Function Hall Changanassery

Eye Hospital
Ahalia Foundation Eye Hospital Changanassery

Fabric Store
Sanil Galaxy Interiors Aluminium Fabrication Changanassery

Family Restaurant
Coffee House Changanassery
Coffee House Family Restaurant Changanassery

Fast Food Restaurant
Kurushinkal Fast Foods Changanassery
Night Fast Food Changanassery

Flour Mill
Sunny Flour Mills Changanassery
Flour Mill Changanassery

Financial Institution
Marathinal Finance Changanassery
Manapuram Gold Loan Changanassery
Kosamattam Finance Changanassery
Muthoot Fincorp Limited Changanassery
JJ Finance Changanassery

Fire Station
Fire Station Changanassery

Clara’s Aqua Collections Changanassery

Fishing Store
Kurishumoodu Fish Market Changanassery

Siby Flower Stores Changanassery

Food Manufacturer
GVR Guruvayur Pappadam Changanassery

Footwear Wholesaler
Leather Mall Changanassery

Fruit and Vegetable Store
Mariya Fruits And Vegetables Changanassery
Hiba Stores Changanassery
A- One Changanassery
Vegetable Stores Changanassery
Thomson Vegetables & Cold Storage Changanassery
K.S. Vegetables Changanassery
Rahim vegetables Changanassery

Fruits Wholesaler
Pathickans Fruits & Stationery Changanassery

Furniture Store
Pulimoottil Agencies Changanassery
Hash Agencies Changanassery
Thoppil Furniture Mart Changanassery

KBC Enclave Changanassery

Gas Agency
Dreams Indane Services Changanassery
Remya Gas Agencies Changanassery

General Store
Haritha Stores Changanassery
Thomas Joseph Moolayil Changanassery
Antony Thomas & Sons Changanassery
Mancherikalam Agencies Changanassery
General Stores and Mobile Recharge Changanassery

Gift Shop
Gift Land Changanassery
Royal Duty Paid Shop & Gift Centre Changanassery
Mobile Inn & Gift House Changanassery

Glass & Mirror Shop
Perunnai Glass House Changanassery
Travancore Glass World Changanassery

Government Office
Vazhapally Panchayat Office Changanassery
Paippad Grama Panchayat Changanassery
Changanassery Taluk Office
Kerala State Warehousing Corporation Changanassery
Thrickodithanam Village Office Changanassery
Paippad Government Homoeo Dispensary Changanassery
Kerala Water Authority Changanacherry
Chetipuzha Village Office Changanassery

Grocery Store
Kgs Vegitables Changanassery
Jee Cee Traders Changanassery
Vigneswara Changanassery
Mancherikkalam Stores Changanassery
Kerala State Public Distribution Centre Changanassery
Puthuparambil Stores Changanassery
Vrinda Stores Changanassery
M.J. Stores Changanassery
T.K Traders Changanassery
C C Mini Mart Changanassery
Poonthottathil Stores Changanassery
Grocery Stores Changanassery

Gun Shop
Speed Trap Changanassery

Hardware Store
SH Rolling Shutters Changanassery
KBC Wonderhomes Changanassery
Hardware Changanassery
Panamthottam Hard Ware Shop Changanassery

Hair Salon
Madras Hair Style Changanassery
Kani Hair Dresser Changanassery

Herbal Products Manufacturer
Patanjali Stores Changanassery

High School
St.Joseph’s Girls High School Changanassery
Eden Public School Changanassery
N S S High School for Girls Changanassery

Higher Secondary School
Sacred Heart English Medium Higher​ Secondary School Changanassery

Home Goods Store
Shah Enterprises Pvt Ltd Changanassery
Meenakshi Mini Mart Changanassery
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard
Sree Bhadra Furnishing Changanassery
ARJUN ROOFERS Changanassery
Moopparuveedu House Changanassery
Raindrops Interiors Changanassery

Home Stay
Home stay for boys Chethypuzha Changanassery
Vishal Bhavan Changanassery

Sanjeevani Hospital Changanassery
St. Thomas Hospital Changanassery
Suresh Nursing Home Changanassery
Sree Sankara Ayurveda Vaidyashala Changanassery
Udayagiri Multi Speciality Hospital Changanassery
Anaswara Ayurvedic Hospital Changanassery
CNK Hospital Changanassery
Udayagiri Multi Speciality Hospital Changanassery

PMH Changanassery

Hotel Anjali Changanassery
Anjali Restaurant Changanacherry
Siby Hotel Changanassery
Hotel Matha Changanassery
M.P. Mandiram Changanassery


Hyundai Dealer
MGF Hyundai Changanassery

Ice Cream Shop
Scoops & Cones Changanassery
Joyland New Changanassery

Indoor Lodging
Vidhya Jyoti Boarding Changanassery

NSS Building (VidhyadhiRaja NSS Karayogam 4273- Manjadikkara) Changanassery

Interior Decoration Store
Akash Interior And Exterior Changanassery

Insurance Company
The New India Assurance Co. Ltd Changanassery

Iron & Steel Store
Steel Yard Changanassery

Jewellery Shop
Guru Jewelers Changanassery
Queens Jewellery Changanassery
Lalitha Jewellery Changanassery
Kalariparampil Jewellers Changanassery
Meenu Fashion Jewellery Changanassery
Mercy Jewellers Changanassery
Lakshmi Jewellers Changanassery
Moloos Fashion Jewellery Changanassery

Juice Shop
Shefna Coolbar Changanassery
Afsal Juice Stall Changanassery
Hameed’ya Fruits & Juice Stall Changanassery
Avocado Changanassery
The Juice & Ice World Changanassery

Junior College
Dr. Zakhir Hussain Memorial Bharathiya Vidya Vihar Changanassery

Kerala Restaurant
Marias Veetil Oonu Changanassery

Liquor Shop
Toddy Shop Changanassery
Mandhoppil Toddy Parlour Changanassery

Mannam Reading & Library Changanassery
Mannam Reading & Library Changanassery

Loan Agency
Muthoot Finance Changanassery
A.J. Financiers Changanassery
Muthoot Fincorp Limited Changanassery
Muthoot Fincorp Limited Perunna-2 Changanassery

Priyadarsini Lodge Changanassery

Kaitharam, Vazhappally West, Changanasseri
Nirmalyam, Puzhavathu, Changanacherry

Market Changanassery

Marriage License Bureau
Madhyastan Matrimony Changanassery

Mattress Store
Pazhuparambil Bed Centre Changanassery

Men’s Clothing Store
Nine Ten Men’s Shop Changanassery
Amaze New Look for Men Changanassery

Metal Furniture Store
Dreams Changanassery

Milk Delivery Service
Nalukody Milk Producer Society Changanassery

Mobile Home Supply Store
Mobile Tech Changanassery
Patels Mobile Changanassery

Mobile Caterer
Yummy Catering Changanacherry

Mobile Phone Service Provider Store
Lakshmi Communication Changanassery

S H Monastery Changanassery

Vadakkekkara Juma Masjid Changanassery
Fathimapuram Mosque Changanassery
Railway Masjid Changanassery
Pazhaya Pally Juma Masjid Changanassery
Thableegul Islam Juma Masjid Changanassery

Motor Scooter Dealer
Purackal Honda Changanassery

Municipal Administration Office
Changanassery Municipal Office Changanassery

Musical Instrument Store
Beethoven Musicals Changanassery

Newspaper Publisher
Mathrubhumi Changanassery

News Service
Akshaya Kurisummoodu Changanassery

Nair Service Society Changanassery

Oil Store
P.J.S. Traders Changanassery

Optical Wholesaler
Kurians Opticals Changanassery

Outdoor Sports Store
Golden Sports Changanassery

Paint Store
Nallor Paints & Hardwares Changanassery

Parking Lot
Pay & Park for Passengers Changanassery

Police Station
Thrikodithanam Police Station Changanassery

Pen Store
Kalarikkal Stores Changanassery

Petrol Pump
Reliance Pump Changanassery
Indian Oil Palathra Fuels Changanassery
Petrol Pump Changanassery
Indian Oil Pump Changanassery
KBC Petrol Pump Changanassery
Kailath Petrol Pump Changanassery

Pet Store
K.J Pet Shop Changanassery

Plant Nursery
Mamma Mia Changanassery
KBC Gardens Changanassery

Place of Worship
GURU MANDIRAM Changanassery
Fathima Matha Church Changanassery
Yuvadeepti Changanassery
Papadi Shri Hanuman Devar Kshetram Changanassery
Manchadikara Raja Rajeshwari Temple Changanassery

Pottukulam Plaza Changanassery

Plywood Store
TT glass and plywoods Changanassery

Post Office
Kurishumoodu Post Office Changanassery
Perunna Post Office Changanassery
Nalukody Post Office Changanassery

Pottery Store
Meenakshi Potteries Manpathravyaparam Changanassery

Mattapparambil Medicals Changanassery
Vadakeparambil Medicals Changanassery
Zaks Interior Changanassery
Janakeeya Medicals Changanassery
Anu Medicals Changanassery
Mavelil Medicals Changanassery
Remedy Medicals Changanassery

Photography Studio
Infocus Digital Media Changanassery
Anaswara Colour Lab Changanassery

Printing Press
St Joseph’s Orphanage Book Stall Changanassery

Print shop
Mattathil Printers & Publishers Pvt. Ltd. Changanassery

Private Sector Bank
Mattappally Bankers Changanassery

Public Transportation System
Kunnumpuram Junction Changanassery

Religious Organization
S D Convent Changanassery

Registry Office
Sub Registrar Office Changanassery

Research Foundation
Dr N Radhakrishnan Foundation For Research on Venous Diseases Changanassery

Vendakkala Toddy Parlour Changanassery
Ashraf Restaurant Changanassery
Elite Hotel Changanassery
Hotel Mamzar Changanassery
Hotel Shanmuga Changanassery
Sree Vijayananda Bhavan Changanassery
Joys Inn Restaurant Changanassery
Cool Palace Changanassery
Vrindavan Hotel Changanassery
Sree Vinayaka Caterers Changanassery
Anandhas Vegetarian Hotel Changanassery
Hotel Paris,Family Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlour Changanassery
Pournami Restaurant Changanassery
Hotel Paurnami Changanassery
Iddli Kada Changanassery
Avees Puttu House Changanassery
Thekkeparampil Restaurant Changanassery
NTR Udayagiri Hospital Canteen Changanassery

Roofing Supply Store
Keerthy Roofings Changanassery

Rubber Products Supplier
Highrange Rubber and Coir Products (P) Ltd. Changanassery
Surya Rubber Industries Changanassery
Venus Rubber Company Changanassery

Vadakkekara HS School Changanassery
Kristu Jyoti Group Changanassery
Kristu Jyoti Higher Secondary School Changanassery
Kristu Jyoti Vidya Niketan Changanassery
Mary Rani Public School Changanassery
Government Vocational Higher Secondary School Changanassery
Govt High School Changanassery
NSS Higher Secondary School Changanassery
BAYAS – Vocational Bias Upper Primary School (VBUPS) Changanassery
Payippad Government UP School Changanassery
Cluny School, Changanacherry
Cluny Convent School Changanassery

Senior Secondary School
Thrickodithanam Government Higher Secondary School Changanassery

Service Apartment
Fast And Safe Changanassery
Stove care Changanassery

Shopping Mall
Laverne Holidays Changanassery
Ozone cafe Changanassery
Navana Stores, Near St Ritas Hospital, Nalukody-Paippad
Al Fathima Complex Changanassery
Mooperveed Mercantile Changanacherry
Jobbys Changanassery
M.J Foot Wears Changanassery
Konattu Digihome Changanassery
Puthenparambil Store Changanassery
Forever Living Products Dealer Changanassery
APA Vegetables Changanassery
Zion Stationery Changanassery
Elite Grocery Family Market Changanassery
Nalukody Junction Changanassery
BM foot world Changanassery

Shoe Store
King Shoe Mart Changanassery
Modern Footwear Changanassery
Liya Foot Wear Changanassery
Walk In Footwear store Changanassery

South Indian Restaurant
Mace Biriyani Changanassery

Maveli Store Changanassery
Edanad Changanassery
Tech & Mech Changanassery
Raja Fancy Changanassery
Spare House Changanassery
Nillathumukkil Stores Changanassery
Nenees Shopping Center Changanassery
Copyking Changanassery
Kalathil Stores Changanassery
Aniyan Stores Changanassery
Salim Fruits And Bakery Changanassery
Vegetable Market Changanassery
SKV Toddy Shop Changanassery

Stationary Store
Sabari Store Changanassery
Aji Stores Changanassery
Udaya Stores Changanassery
Chandus Stationery Changanassery

Student Hostel
St.antonys Hostel Changanassery

More Supermarket Changanassery
Daily Life Super Market Changanassery
Triveni Supermarket Changanassery
Triveni Supermarket Changanassery
Kakkamparampil Stores Changanassery
Venmelil store Changanassery

Sweet Shop
Ruchi Sweet House Changanassery

Swimming Pool
Sree Subrahmanya Swami Temple Pond Changanassery

Taxi Service
B R Travels

Telecommunications Service Provider
BSNL Customer Care Centre Changanassery

Telephone Exchange
BSNL Telephone Exchange Changanassery

Telephone Store
Tele Systems Changanassery

Television Channel
Doordarshan Relay Centre Changanassery

Vadakekara Temple Changanassery
SNDP Guru Manthiram Changanassery
Daiva Parambe Temple Changanassery
Thrikkannapuram Sreekrishna Temple Changanassery
Vasudevapuram Danwthoni shethram Changanassery
Keezhkulangara Shiva Temple Changanassery
Vazhappally Sree Mahadeva Temple Changanassery
Keezhthrukovil Sreekrishna Swami Temple Changanassery
Kalkulathu Kavu Temple Changanassery
Nelpura Ganapathi Temple Changanassery
Annapoorneswari Temple Changanassery
Thiruvenkidapuram Temple Changanassery
Vattappally Bhagavathy Temple Changanassery
Vishnu Temple Manchadikkara Changanassery
Vezhakkattu Sree Krishna Temple Changanassery
Vaipooru Tharavadu Changanassery
Kavil Bhagavathy Temple Changanassery
Anandapuram Sree Krishna Temple Changanassery
Chitrakadavu Mahadevar Temple Changanassery
Kavil Bhagavathy Temple Changanassery
Maaranathu Kaavu Devi Temple Changanassery
Maranathkavu Devi Temple Changanassery
Perunna Sree Subramanya Swami Temple Changanassery
Panachikavu Devi Temple Changanassery
Mundackal Kavu Bhagavathi Temple Changanassery
Sree Narayana Guru Temple Changanassery
Thrikodithanam Mahavishnu Kshetram Changanassery
Perincheril Devi Kshetram Changanassery
Mundackal Kavu Bhagavathy Temple Changanassery
Paippad Sree Mahadeva Temple Changanassery
Paippad Puthenkavil Temple Changanassery
Bhakthapriyath Vishnu Temple Changanassery
Sree Thirumala Umamaheshwara Temple Changanassery
Kallamparabil Bhadhrakali Temple Changanassery

Tire Shop
Royce Autos & Tyres Changanassery

Tool Store
Marion Tools Changanassery
Tech And Mech Power Tools Changanassery

Tour Agency
SkylarkTours Changanassery
Dyna Tours Changanassery
Rubil N Susan Tours & Travels Changanassery

Tourist Attraction
Ann Travels and Tours Changanassery

Tour Operator
Kerala Sights Changanassery

Town Hall
Mannam Shatyabdhapurthi Smaraka Hall Changanassery

Travel Agency
A1 National Travels Changanassery
Kallada Travels Changanassery
Kallada Travels Changanassery

Travel Services
getgoing travel service

Tropical Fish Store
Mermaid Fresh Fish & Meat Changanassery

Two Wheeler Dealer
Bike shack Changanassery
Royal Bajaj Showroom Changanassery

Two Wheeler Repair Shop
Yamaha Service Station Changanassery
Srikrishna Auto Garage Changanassery

UPS & Inverter Store
Manamel Power Solutions Changanassery

NSS Teachers’ Training College Changanassery

Vegetable Wholesale Market
Horticrop Changanassery

Vegetarian Restaurant
Hotel Aryaas Changanassery

Volleyball Court
S.H School Volleyball Court Changanassery

Watch Store
Seiko Watch House Changanassery

Water Softening Equipment Supplier
Nova Q Changanassery

Water Utility Company

Website Designer
Kerala Web Designer Changanassery

Wheel Alignment Service
City Tyre Changers Changanassery

Wholesale Bakery
Mariya Coolbar Changanassery
Ponnayees Snack Corner Changanassery
City Bakery Changanassery
National Bakers Changanassery
Modern Agencies Changanassery
Siby Agencies Changanassery

Women’s Clothing Store
Orchids Changanassery

Abandoned Shops/Theaters

Movie Theaters – Anu Abhinaya Theatre Changanassery